How to Buy An Article

How to Buy An Article

How to Buy An Article






I send the items by Registered Mail.

You will be provided a tracking number so you can check the delivery of the ship in the following link:




Shipping charges depend of the country to which the shipment is made:

                * Shipping to Spain: 

(Only from Spain to Spain) 

€ 5  Registered Mail  (delivery 3 days)




            * Shipping to any country IN the European Union:

(From Spain to any other country in EU)

€ 10  Registered Mail    (delivery from 6 to 10 days).




           * Shipping to any other country  OUT  the European Union:  America, Asia, Africa, Australia,....

(From Spain to any other country out EU)

€ 15  Registered Mail    (delivery from 8 to 12 days).





You can choose between payment by:

 PAYPAL, a fast and convenient way to send money. The article is sending the next business day of payment.

BANK TRANSFER. In the last step of the buying process could see the bank details for the transfer. In case of transfer payment to expedite the process and you can send proof of payment to the following Email:



For which countries ALLOWED SHIPPING?

I will ship to anywhere in the world.